Firefighter/Paramedic & EMTSLC Annual Metro Fire Recruitment & Testing Consortium

The Metro Fire Recruitment & Testing Consortium (MFTC) was created for the purpose of creating efficiencies for member agencies and applicants during the initial screening process for the position of entry-level firefighter EMT, firefighter paramedic, and paramedic.

Each year the MFTC administers a written and physical ability test and the results of which are used to establish a list of qualified applicants for further consideration by a Member Agency (“Member”). To be considered for volunteer, part-time employment, or full-time employment with a Member, candidates must register with the MFTC and successfully complete the written exam and if applicable, physical ability test.

Member Agencies

The preliminary testing process for the following agencies is conducted by the MFTC:

  • Bluffdale City Fire Department;
  • Murray City Fire Department;
  • Sandy City Fire Department;
  • South Jordan City Fire Department;
  • South Salt Lake Fire Department;
  • West Jordan City Fire Department; and
  • West Valley City Fire Department.

Minimum Requirements to Test

The minimum qualifications to participate in the test include:

  • Registered with the MFTC;
  • At least 18 years of age at the time of the written test;
  • High school diploma or GED;
  • Valid driver’s license;
  • Have or currently in a Firefighter II Training/Certification program (not required for paramedic only position); and
  • Have or currently in an Emergency Medical Technician Training/Certification program.

Written Test

A validated entry-level pre-employment written exam is administered to candidates. This test is intended to assist the Members with measuring a variety of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics of candidates such as: reading ability, mathematical reasoning, interpersonal skills, teamwork, commitment, honesty, integrity, emotional stability, thoroughness, attention to detail, commitment and devotion, following orders or instructions, performing duties with others or independently, and overall job performance.

An on-line registration process is used for the written test; the vendor used by the MFTC to coordinate the registration and collect the written test fee is Eventbrite (

You must pre-register with Eventbrite to participate in the written test.

Physical Ability Test (PAT)

The “Candidate Physical Ability Test” (CPAT) is used by the MFTC as an initial evaluation of an individuals’ physical ability to perform the essential job functions. The CPAT is a pass/fail test.

The CPAT for the MFTC is coordinated and/or administered by the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA); and the MFTC will only accept a CPAT test administered by UFRA and on the scheduled MFTC PAT date, or within 90 days prior to the MFTC written test date. Meaning, to be considered for full-time employment, you must successfully complete the CPAT at UFRA, and on the PAT date scheduled by the MFTC or within 90 days prior to the MFTC written test date.

Candidates with a valid UFRA CPAT certificate, dated within 90 days of the MFTC written test date, may waive participation in the MFTC scheduled CPAT by submitting a copy of their UFRA CPAT certificate at the time of the written test (bring a copy of the certificate to the written test).

What Happens Next

Following the aforementioned testing, a list of eligible candidates will be established and made available to the Members.

As needed, Members will invite candidates to complete a City/Department specific job application and participate in Department specific testing or evaluation. A Department may choose to limit the number of candidates invited to participate in their selection process.

Once a candidate accepts a full-time job offer by a Member, his/her name will be removed from the eligibility list. This means once a candidate accepts a full-time position from a Member, the candidate must retest to be considered by other Members. This does not apply to volunteer and part-time positions.

Successful completion of the testing process does not constitute an offer of employment.

Notifications to candidates will generally be sent by email. It is the responsibility of each candidate to keep contact information up-to-date during the eligibility period of the list.



Deadline for applications:
On Demand


Firefighter/ParamedicSalt Lake City

SLC Fire serves an area of approximately 97 square miles, with a population base of 200,000 with an additional commuter influx of approximately 300,000 from surrounding cities.

The city is diverse and ranges from residential foothills, to a heavily populated, built-up high rise district. It also includes two large industrial and manufacturing areas. 

Salt Lake City is protected by 14 strategically located stations with approximately 330 fire/rescue personnel, which are divided into Battalion One (East side) and Battalion Two (West side). 

Although SLC Fire specializes in urban structural firefighting and emergency medical services, we have specialty functions pertinent to the geographical layout of Salt Lake City, and its unique set of natural and & human related hazards. These include:

*Aircraft Rescue / Firefighting
*Hazardous Materials
*Swift Water Rescue
*Technical Rescue
*Wildland Urban/Interface

Our department is made up of 5 major divisions: Operations, Logistics, Public Information, Finance and Planning. 

Salt Lake City Fire Department administers an entry level testing process every two years to establish a list of qualified firefighter and firefighter/paramedic candidates.

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Deadline for applications:
On Demand


Firefighter/ParamedicUnified Fire Authority

The mission of the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) is to provide more than 375,000 citizens of The County of Salt Lake with the most efficient, effective and professional service possible in the areas of fire protection, medical and emergency services. 

The largest fire department in Utah, the UFA uses a unique and highly efficient service delivery system designed to provide the quickest and most efficient response to meet our citizens’ needs. This system is based on the concept of using cross-trained, multi-functional firefighters and support personnel. To make this system as efficient and cost-effective as possible, our 500+ personnel are trained to provide emergency medical services, fire fighting skills, and hazardous materials incidents. In a system already designed for high productivity, our personnel are continuously asked to take on greater responsibilities, while responding to an ever increasing call volume. 

Above all, our personnel are trained to perform the operations of the Department under the most severe conditions. As a result, our citizens can rely on us in any situation because the UFA recognizes the importance of delivering high caliber emergency service to the public. 

For employment information, visit:


Deadline for applications:
On Demand



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